A person doesn’t have to look far for business advice that sounds overbearing. Social media is crowded. Stores are crowded. How can a brand stand out in such a loud and noisy market place. On top of that, all these brands are sending the message to buy their products, a constant slave master for consumerism. It doesn’t have to be the case. When a brand knows what it is that they do to provide value to consumers (and consequently to stand out), it doesn’t have to do all the shouting like other brands to be noticed. Cosmetics should be fun and no consumer should feel forced to buy a product.

Shared Success

When you are successful, I am successful. If you work hard, I work hard. This is not something that should be taken for granted. Success is self defined and self driven and we will not work to change the vision of any startup. MPC is not only about it’s own financial gain and making profit. It is about making sure that everyone that uses our services reaches their intended goal. There is space for everyone.

Lean Machine

Regardless of what the mainstream says, it is possible to start a cosmetic brand as a lean startup. This is not up for debate. It can, has and will continue to be done.

Creativity and it’s expression

For many, the last time a person was allowed to be creativity was when they were in school during an art lesson. After that, their ‘creativity’ was fashioned by the standards of the world – boardrooms, 9-5’s and the likes. Now as individuals turn to entrepreneurship they have to tap into their creativity that they haven’t used in a while. This causes people to feel awkward and as if they are letting on. There are no rules to creativity and it should be expressed unhindered (hopefully still considering others).

Challenge the norm

Anything that does not grow is dead. Challenging ourselves teaches us how to grow and in some ways prepares us for issues that can arise in the future. We need to challenge ourselves constantly so that we can face the trials that life throws us with determination. The entrepreneur route is not straight and flat. It is has peaks and troughs, mountains and valleys, good days and bad days. It takes resilience and a certain mindset to reach success and this can only be developed when we challenge ourselves.



Header Photo by on Unsplash