Why You Need To Be Apart Of A Tribe And How To Find One

I was involved in the #Blogtacular Twitter chat last night (personally one of my favourite Twitter chats – check our their website). The topic was on Internet tribes. I was excited about this because I am a part of a tribe myself and so I felt like this was a topic that I could contribute to. I believe that the term ’tribe’ is based on Seth Godin‘s explanation: A tribe is any group of people, large or small, who are connected to one another, a leader, and an idea.

For an entrepreneur, having a tribe is essential.  More than just an understanding friend, a dear family member or an insightful mentor, a tribe is a great thing to have. From my experience, I have found that a tribe is:

The first place to test your ideas

Your tribe will often be your beta group. They may not be your target audience but they can offer great insight

The people who get you

Unlike friends who tend to be similar replicas of ourselves, your tribe members can be complete opposites of each other but are united on a singular idea

Not your network

Your network is more about business connections. Your tribe is more about human connection. You can really open up without fear of judgement (in my experience) as everyone is in the same boat.

Full of love

Not exactly your family but deeper than your friends. I find that the generosity within tribe is not only infectious but it inspires you to help others. Everybody wants everyone in the tribe to succeed, and for that, I find people are more generous with tribe members than with people in their network


When people in day to day seem mundane and selfish your tribe members can really be a breath of fresh air.

Not perfect

I have truly been blessed to find the tribe I’m in because it works! Despite that, it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect (no one is). Tribes are made up of humans, and humans are always making errors – I just wanted to paint that picture instead of a glossy one about tribes.

Big and small

The size doesn’t matter because you can even end up creating a tribe within the tribe.

For people wondering where to find a tribe, you can find one in numerous ways:

  • Meetups

  • Doing a short course (I found my tribe via Escape the City Startup Tribe)
  • Social media

  • Crossing the room and saying hello (check out my Networking tips for newbies)

  • Going to an event (Escape to the woods is coming up)

If you get invited to join a tribe or you are in the process of creating your own, remember that any relationship works both ways. If you don’t feel comfortable with the person, you’re not entitled to work with them. I don’t believe that your tribe will find you because that sounds like living passively when I believe that we can create our future (I spoke about this here). However, if you work at maintaining relationships, you can be a part of a thriving tribe, beneficial network and have sound friendships. Remember, I do believe that you can have your cake and eat it too.