Mobile Apps

Chrome Apps

  • Rescue time app: Keeps me accountable to myself

  • Momentum dash: motivational and helps me to stay focused

  • Kill news feed: because Facebook is distracting

  • Self Control: Because I lack self control

  • f.lux: So, computer screens are made to mimic the bright light of the sun. If you are into monitoring your sleep pattern and you are aware of how the blue light of our devices affect our sleep, this app is for you. This has saved my sleep cycle in many times

  • Grammarly: Corrects your grammar when you are typing on any websites. This means there will be no more typos in tweets or Facebook statuses. A more powerful grammar checker is Hemmingway that works even in Microsoft Word.

  • OneTab : A great app for those of use who always have 50 tabs opened. This app collects all those open tabs and list them on one tab – saving you disk space.

  • Evernote: I do all my typing on this app and have it on all my devices. However, now that they have changed their plans, I’m looking at Paper now

  • Blog pad pro app: Best app I’ve tried so far for blogging on the go

  • Slack: I don’t have Tinder but I got Slack

  • Wunderlist: Best to-do list ever!

  • Suitcase mag: My favourite magazine so it’s only right that I get their app

  • Over: great editing app for photos that with a good selection of font