The Business

Starting a business can be tough and expensive.

There is so much to read and learn. There is so many ways to lose money before you even start making money.

Many people struggle with the transition from full time work into entrepreneurship. Creating paper trails, incorporating systems, all while trying to maintain a right work-life balance. There are those who start their businesses whilst still in full time work, working a lot of late nights to make their dreams come true. There are those who work to save money then quit their jobs to focus solely on their projects. Both pathways are not incorrect, and each entrepreneur has their own individual journey. From talking to other entrepreneurs, it was when I learnt that

Entrepreneurship is the greatest personal management project a person will ever take on.

So the last thing you want is to be swindled of your startup funds. Unfortunately, there are people who don’t care about your startup as much as you do, and want to make quick cash. There are others who are impatient and don’t want to explain anything and use that as leverage to mislead you. That’s not Beauty Founder's goal.

After seeing someone we knew dearly, experiencing difficulty with launching a business, our heart was stirred to launch Beauty Founder to empower cosmetic startups. Beauty Founder does not want to see someone else get disheartened on their startup journey before their idea matures.

A successful cosmetic startup needs the perfect combination of science, design and marketing.

That’s where Beauty Founder comes in. There are many assumptions about the cosmetic industry – it is definitely more than just sticking a label on a tube and large corporations trying to poison the world’s population.

With fascination and with passion, we began to study this phenomena of the rise of Beauty Founders and it rase many questions. 

What was their strategy?


How was their business funded? 


How did they build growth? 

I started to study these small brands’ strategy (whether they realised they had one or not) and teach others through this platform on how to launch a beauty startup.

Thanks to Kickstarter, and no thanks to not having a rich uncle, it is possible to create a lasting brand with very little startup capital. And that is where Beauty Founder comes in.

The Founder

Hi, I’m Shari.

Makeup aficionado. Amateur photographer. Slow traveller. Lover of plantain.

Kingston, Jamaica via London, I occassionally call Medellin, Colombia home #digitalnomad. Alumni of London College of Fashion and Escape the City Startup Tribe

I studied and worked as a cosmetic scientist and even worked in beauty sales for a couple of years. This was where I began to notice the rise of small companies that even big brands had to take notice.

I am lover of nature, the sound of rain, drinking Milo, and watching movies. Intrigued by Latin American culture, self help books and novel raw materials.

I’m interested in highlighting unique raw materials from Latin America, with the hope of strengthening ties between Latam and Europe through research in cosmetic science and creating supply chains.

Want to get to know more about me? 

I blog sometimes but you can always come and say hi.


◉ Beauty Founder Reviews ◉


“Shari’s knowledge and experience was vital in helping SETT Surf bring a high quality product to market. Her technical know-how ensured the formulation did was it was supposed to, but whats more, she offered fantastic insight on branding & packaging and even regulatory requirements. I would HIGHLY recommend Shari to anyone looking to bring their own cosmetics product to market.”

— James Marshall, Sett Surf 

"Shari has been a huge sigh of relief in an industry that can sometimes be vague and complex (cosmetics). I approached Shari with not much else other then a big-picture idea for a new cosmetics line, a bit of consumer insight and industry knowledge. Shari transformed that into an insanely well researched, and well-explained brief for my new cosmetic product that included a highly effective formulation and so much insight & advice on the cosmetics industry I’m entering that I have probably saved in excess of 100+ hours of research and time spent correcting errors.

Shari not only performs an excellent job of researching ingredients and bridging the link between ideas and how that can translate into a final product, she also manages to explain any options available to you and what her decisions mean in a way that a ‘newbie’ to the cosmetics space can understand.

Finally, Shari’s help on the manufacturing side has vastly accelerated the launch time of my new cosmetics line. I am really not sure if I could have pulled this project off without Shari’s assistance."

— Lewis Quartey, Sunset

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